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co-packing service for the seafood industry RETAIL CO-PACKING SERVICES

CEH LLC offers a comprehensive Co-Packing Service to other Seafood Companies. Our Production Packing staff are highly experienced in the co-packing process and provide an unrivalled level of service.

We utilize our strengths combining reliable technology, tried and tested methods, innovative processes and decades of experience in the industry. The entire project will be overseen by our highly vigilant quality control experts.

Let us handle this aspect of seafood production while you focus on dealing directly with the retail industry. An example of a typical co-packing project for breaded shrimp is outlined below.

1) Fresh or Frozen Shrimp Arrives

Fresh or Frozen seafood arrives for processing. Each requirement is different and we work to the agreed specifications with the customer.

We always maintain the integrity of the product throughout the process and comply with all Food Safety Standards and Regulations.

Seafood Co-packing available for Seafood Wholesalers

2) First Stage Processing Begins

Seafood processing begins. If the product has been frozen then the first step will be the thawing process. If it is a shrimp based product, our process will typically involved de-heading/peeling and deveining.

Seafood Co-packing available for Seafood Wholesalers

3) Second Stage Processing

Different products will require different specialized processing, such as shrimp may require breading.

Our breading process is highly efficient and our perfected process ensures that the breadcrumbs have excellent adhesion and equal coverage over the entirety of the shrimp.

Seafood Co-packing available for Seafood Wholesalers

4) Product is Ready to be Packed.

The seafood products are carefully weighed by a state of the art weighing machine and the correct weight is packaged as per the customer requirements.

Seafood Co-packing available for Seafood Wholesalers

5) Products are Boxed and Labeled.

The packaged products are boxed and appropriately labeled with all the data necessary. Then it is ready for distribution.

Typically we can process 1500lb of shrimp, boxed and ready to go in approximately 27minutes!

Seafood Co-packing available for Seafood Wholesalers

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