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CEH LLC is a Global Seafood Supplier

CEH LLC is a family run business and is woman owned, minority owned small business that supplies Seafood, caught in USA waters by USA flag ships and all our seafood products are processed in the USA.

We have over 40 combined years experience and are a USDC Grade 'A' Seafood Processor and supply to the Hospitality, Food Service, Military and also provide Co-Packaging services for the Retail Industry.

Our seafood products are distributed domestically and internationally and specialize in bait-to-plate services for value-added products with custom flavor profiles.

CEH LLC are fervently committed to providing our customers an outstanding quality service and supplying outstanding quality seafood, while adhering to all Federal and State regulatory requirements. We fully recognize our role in protecting our sealife for future generations and focus on responsible seafood production and long term seafood sustainability.

CEH Mission

To provide amazing quality seafood products nationally and internationally coupled with providing exceptional customer service.

To support our military and create custom design flavor seafood products for our troops.

To ensure our seafood comes from sustainable sources and our logistical processes ensuring the integrity of the product.

Our Motto is to provide customers, what they want, when they want it and at a fair price.

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Food Safety

We welcome inspections by the USDC (US Department of Commerce) and proudly maintain our status as a Grade 'A' Seafood Processor.

We also hold a Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 Certification which is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative and administered by the Food Marketing Institute. Food safety is our foremost priority and our suppliers undergo a meticulous and comprehensive qualifying process encompassing the entire process from the exact catch method used, storage facility, handling guidelines and a detailed auditing process.

Grade A seafood processor. Co-packing experts